Package Items: 1x Wireless Keypad 2x RFID Tag

Low battery notification and anti-tamper function External adapter: DC5V Internal battery: 2 AAA battery Standby current:≤ 50uA Alarm current: ≤ 20mA Detection range: 6-8 meters Wireless frequency: 433MHz Wireless distance: 150 meters in the open area Material: ABS Weight : 180g

Low battery notification and anti-tamper function Ultra slim design, suitable for window/door High-performance and low power consumption Working frequency: 433 HMz Shock resistance: 4.7M / 1.2M / 3.3M / 300K Transmission distance: 300M in open area Weight : 100g

RFID tag,used with G19 and the wireless keypad Kr-K16 To disarm alarm panel

Working Voltage : 3V (2 AAA Batteries) Static Current : less than 15UA Working Frequency : 433MHz Transmitting Distance : 100m (in open area Working temperature: 0 °C~ + 50 °C Working Humidity : Relative 10% - 95% Size : 109 mm x 144mm

Technical Parameters: Away from the wall tamper opening the lid tamper Flash about 65 times per minute Strobe Siren with Backup Battery Operating Voltage: 6-15VDC Rated Voltage: 12VDC Rated Current: 300mA SPL dB/m: 112 LEN Color: Red, blue and others Size: 210*130*65mm Weight : 600g

1.Fashionable and waterproof design Can work in normal state in any weather outdoor. 2.Alarm with flash ligt and sound 3. Wireless detection 4.Solar power supply,energy-saving environment friendly.

4 four buttons (arm, disarm, emergency, stay arm) Working Voltage: 12VDC; AG23 Battery Life: About 1 -3 years Wireless Frequency: 315 MHz /433MHz Transmission Range: 100m ~300m(Open area) Working Current: 15 mA Coded IC: 1527 Weight : 100g

1. Power Supply:AC100-240V 2. Maximum Power:2200W 3. Receiving sensitivity:-100dB 4. Frequency:433.92MHz 5. Receiving distance:100m (open area) 6. Material:ABS (fire resistance) 7. Operation temperature:-20℃-70℃ 8. Maximum current:10A 9. Humidity:≤ 80% 10. Size:106X63X64mm Weight : 150g

1. Compact and fashionable mushroom-shape design 2. Wireless, DIY 3. Adjustable volume with 8 levels (including mute) 4. 110dB super loud siren, 4 groups of flashing light 5. EEPROM information protection, information never lost 6. Wireless intelligent study coding 7. PT1527 (150K-470K) and PT2262 normal encoding 8. Built-in Ni-Hi rechargeable...

Power supply : external adapter or internal battery Power supply can be used at the same time External adapter: DC9V-12 V Internal battery : 3x AAA Battery or DC 9V 6F22 Standby current:≤ 50uA Alarm current: ≤ 20mA ETC

Build-in omnidirectional antenna Power DC 12V(12V 23A battery) Standby Currents: less than 25uA Alarm Current:less than 20mA Working frequency: 433 HMz Case Material: ABS plastics Transmission distance: 300M in open area Transmitters Size: 70 x 36 x 15 mm Magnet Size: Fashion Door Detector 64 x 13 x 13 mm Weight :100g

Technical Parameters: Imported sensors, infrared processing chip Temperature compensation function to adapt to the environment temperature changes Super white light interference resistance Resistance to electromagnetic interference High-performance module, farther and longer battery life Weight : 200g

External power supply:DC 9V-15V; Build-in Battery:Ni-Hi AAA*6 DC 7.2V Static Current:<25mA Working Current:<450mA Receive and transmit frequency:315/433 MHz or FM230MHz Maximum number of the remote control:20pcs Maximum number of the wireless detector:100pcs Power Output:DC12V,500mA External Siren:DC12V,300mA Working Temperature:-20℃-55℃...

Wireless vibration door sensor and excellent power source stability Technical Parameters: Power DC 12V(12V 23A battery) Standby Currents: less than 25uA Alarm Current:less than 20mA Wireless Transmitting Frequency:315MHZ/433MHZ (± 75KHZ) Case Material: ABS plastics Adapted integration technique High intelligence, strong anti-jamming ability...

ceiling/door/window/curtain PIR sensor Imported sensors, infrared processing chip External adapter: USB adapter 110-220V Internal battery: DC 9V 6F22 Standby current:≤ 50uA Alarm current: ≤ 20mA Detection range: 8-12 meters / 110 degrees Wireless distance: 300 meters in open area Wireless transmitting frequency: 315 MHZ/433 MHZ (+75 KHZ) Shell...

Convenient hidden installation Low power consumption design Working voltage: 12 V (12 V / 23 A battery) Working current: ≤10mA Static current: ≤3uA Wireless transmitting distance: 80 meters in open area Battery life: six months Door opening and closing designed for gate/roller shutter Oscillation resistance: 1.5 M /3.3 M /4.7 M Weight : 220g

Technical Parameters: The volume: ≥ 80dD Power supply: DV9V Carbon- zinc batteries ---about 1 year Alkaline batteries--- about 3 years Operating temperature: -10 ℃ - +50 ℃ Relative humidity: ≤ 95% RH (40 ℃ ± 2 ℃) Weight: about 135g (include battery) Weight : 200g

Static Current: ≤90mA ≤300mA ( low power model) Alarm Current: ≤100mA ≤40mA (low power model) Power Rating : ≤3W (AC 220 supply) Warm-up Time: about 120S, Alarm Level: 10% LEL Alarm Indicator: Red LED light flashes, Sound Level: ≥85dB/m Operating Temperature: -10~ +50 degree Environment Humidity: Maximum 95%RH (no congelation) Dimension:...

Glass break infrared detector Digital Processor: 12 / 8 bits 8MHz High frequency sound pressure detection Full audio spectrum 7 frequency signal and impact analysis Including infra-sound pressure analysis Unique acoustic microphone chamber and casing design Manual sensitivity settings to avoid false alarm Sensitivity:Adjustable ETC

Alarm siren sound&flash siren Rated Voltage: 12 VDC, Rated Current: 280mA SPL dB/1m: 112dB LEN Color: Red, blue and others Alarm Siren Sound&Flash Siren Weight : 100g

Rated Voltage: 9 V DC Working Voltage Range: 6 to 12 V DC Rated Current: 320/600/1000/1200 mA Output Power: 15/20 W Sound Pressure: 110 / + 3 dB/lm Weight : 100g

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