About Us

ASENSE start to provide the most popular options for surveillance and security measures since year 2014. And since there are a variety of security solutions that you can look into, it made convenient to find an exact match for your particular security and surveillance needs. Finding an exact match is definitely important since even some of today’s top security brand may fall short of serving your security needs if they do not possess the right features for your particular property and setup.

ASENSE are very well liked for their dependability. They continue to receive reviews for their track record with minimal need for service or maintenance. Even though these security solutions offer excellent capabilities you can still find them at very fair prices.

Over the past few years, we have start implement GSM wireless alarm system, Mobile Apps Control Home Automation, Network base CLOUD control wireless alarm solutions, as well as electronic door lock and hotel locking system solutions.

We will continue to make aggressive R&D investments to become a leading provider of wireless alarm system, hotel lock and many new surveillance products in near future.